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The unrestrained flow of the Odra River flows in the numerous meanders of the valley floodplain, which with its extensive meadows, floodplain forests, ponds and pools gives the impression that time has stopped here. Every visitor to the region thus has an incredible view of the natural gems of the Poodří region. The Odra River is a guide to this magical landscape that will delight the hearts of true lovers of nature, adventure, sports and relaxation. The Poodří protected landscape area, as the heart of the region, is a wetland of European importance protected by the Ramsar Convention. Locally, the region belongs to the Novojičín region, which is called the cultural treasury of Northern Moravia. A characteristic and landscape-significant element of Poodří are ponds, which have been mentioned as far back as the 15th century. The picturesqueness of the landscape is completed by vast meadows lined with heady willows and ancient oaks, streams, pools and lakes in the old branches of the Odra River.

The emergence of the Poodří Region

The foundation stone for the creation of the Nový Jičín district microregion was laid by the mayors of Bílova and Pustějova already in January 1999. During this period, the initiative of both municipalities was created, which culminated in an agreement and the creation of a free association of neighboring municipalities, namely Bartošovice, Bílova, Hladké Životice, Kujav and Pustějova . In February, the association of municipalities jointly joined the Rural Renewal Program and, according to subsidy title No. 7, applied for a subsidy to develop an integrated project of a rural microregion.

he Poodří region is located in the northern part of the Moravian Gate and the surrounding area in the Moravian-Silesian Region. The natural axis of the entire area is the valley floodplain of the Odra River. The Poodří region was created as an association of 21 municipalities that work together to improve the area near the Odra River. On an area of 253 km2, it forms an area with a preserved environment and numerous cultural monuments. The territory is criss-crossed with hiking trails and many cycling routes also pass through it.

The association of the municipalities of Albrechtičky, Bartošovice, Bílov, Hladké Životice, Kujavy, Kunín, Petřvald, Pustějov and Suchdol nad Odrou was established by registration on August 20, 1999 in the Register of Associations maintained by OkÚ in Nové Jičín.

On September 27, 1999, the municipalities of Bernartice nad Odrou, Bravantice, Jeseník nad Odrou, Jistebník, Mankovice, Sedlnice, Velké Albrechtice and Vražné joined this association, on February 2, 2000, the municipality of Trnávka and on May 30, 2000, the municipality of Kateřinice.

On January 2, 2002, the Poodří Region Association was re-registered and the Poodří Region Association of Municipalities was created pursuant to Act No. 128/2000 Coll., on Municipalities (Municipal Establishment) with headquarters in Bartošovice No. 1 - castle. The municipality of Mankovice no longer became a member of the union. As of this date, 18 municipalities of the interest area of the Odra River with a total number of 20,500 inhabitants are members of the association.

On June 20, 2002, other municipalities joined the Poodří Region - Mošnov, Skotnice and Šenov u Nové Jičín. As of 12/31/2010, it unites 21 municipalities, occupies an area of 282 km2 and has a total of 25,134 inhabitants.

The headquarters of the Poodří Region is the Bartošovice castle, where the Tourist Information Center and the association's office are located. The chairman is the mayor of Bartošovice, MVDr. Kateřina Křenková, the vice-chairman is František Jordánek, the mayor of Sedlnice.

As of December 31, 2014, the municipality of Bravantice is ending its membership.

As of December 31, 2015, the Jistebník municipality is ending its membership.

As of January 1, 2016, the union unites 19 municipalities.

From 26.3. In 2019, the village of Jistebník became a member of the association.

As of January 1, 2023, it is a member of the association of 20 municipalities. The mayor of the village of Albrechtičky, Ing., was elected president of the union. Eva Tripská, vice-chairman of the union mayor of Trnávka Dalibor Šimečka, union manager MVDr. Katerina Křenková.

The subject of the union's activity
the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, the promotion of agricultural management, the development of crafts and services, the creation of new jobs, the solution of unemployment and the increase of economic activities and the economic power of the region
support of economic infrastructure (transport, telecommunications, energy, waste management, etc.), provision of transport services
social development of municipalities, education
mutual cooperation in the area of informatics with the aim of improving the awareness of member municipalities about activities in the region and the possibilities of rural support from state and other funds, as well as the presentation of the region externally
environmental protection, development of natural heritage
development of cultural values, restoration of historical buildings, restoration of community life
tourism development
promotion of the union and its territory of interest, international cooperation
common procedures in the application of requests for subsidies from state and foreign funds in order to ensure financing from sources other than own resources
the volume also provides methodological and practical help, or consulting and advisory activities within the framework of project preparation when obtaining subsidies from the regional and state budgets, foundations and, last but not least, from European Union funds
the association of municipalities runs the School of Rural Renewal, within which it organizes seminars, trainings and workshops for self-government, the business sector, non-governmental non-profit organizations and other interested parties not only from the Poodří.

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